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Loft Living in Colorado
Loft living is a quirky and affordable way for renter's to lease beautiful, historic spaces that incorporate open floor plans as well as design elements such as exposed beams, rustic hardwoods, and unfinished brick. These older buildings may no longer be suitable for commercial uses, but they are perfect for loft-style apartments. Developers have realized the potential in these old buildings and performed massive renovations to convert them into affordable and spacious housing for those who desire to live in an urban environment. Lofts offer benefits to their residents that are hard to duplicate.

A Truly Customizable Space

Loft apartments typically possess one amenity that is often lacking in traditional apartment housing. They are a blank canvas. Interior walls restrict and define the interior space of typical apartments. Lofts take advantage of an open floor plan. By eliminating walls that divide the dining area, kitchen, and living space, lofts can offer more usable space than their traditional counter parts. Residents can use this open space to personalize their units.

The space provides residents with the freedom to design their living space as they see fit. Residents decide where the living area is to be and where dining area is to be, not the architect. Creating a dining area is as easy as placing a dining table in an open area of the unit. Residents are not restricted to just filling rooms with the appropriate furniture.

Built To Last Construction

Not only do lofts for rent give their residents free rein over spacing and design, the quality of the original construction is unequaled by modern apartments. Most of these buildings were constructed to last. As such, buildings designed for commercial enterprise use a higher quality material than residential buildings. This is the reason that loft units will feature hardwood floors throughout where standard apartments have carpeting over a subfloor. Lofts buildings will use well-laid brick and thoroughly insulated walls. This is decidedly different from the thin drywall and particleboard of contemporary multi-unit buildings.

Location, Location, Location

Location is a prime benefit of living in a loft unit in Colorado. Large apartment complexes are normally found on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs. They are far from the vibrant heart of the city and the accompanying nightlife. Lofts buildings are found in the city proper. If someone wants to live downtown and take advantage of all the city has to offer, she needs to consider a loft unit. There is no better way to live right in the thick of the action.

Potential Drawbacks

Loft living is not for everyone, and it does come with a few drawbacks. Lofts do not often feature the same level of shared amenities that large-scale apartment complexes offer. They do not typically offer gyms or pools. There are no open areas for dog walking. Residents of lofts will need to avail themselves of the local city parks, and let us face it, city living is not for everyone. If someone feels the need for peace and quiet and a sedate pace of life, loft living is not for her.

Finding a Loft Unit

To find a loft unit might require a little more legwork on the part of the potential tenant than finding a unit within a large apartment complex. Loft buildings have comparatively fewer units, and as such, they do not engage in the aggressive marketing campaigns of the mega complexes. They are hidden gems, and it is up to the potential residents to discover them. Start by consulting with local real estate agents and apartment guides if you are seeking a loft unit. Word of mouth is also a terrific way to discover these high demand units. You might also consider picking an area in which you would like to live and just taking a walk. Lofts are often only advertised by something as basic as a sign in the window. It is up to you to find your perfect urban haven.

If you are looking for a rental in Colorado, you should consider renting a loft. Over the past several years, lofts in Denver, Colorado Springs and other cities on Colorado have become an extremely popular. Many renters prefer lofts over traditional living spaces because lofts feature their own unique architectural characteristics and have spacious floor plans. To find a loft with extra living space in Colorado, preview all the lofts listed for rent online at

By choosing to rent a loft in Denver, Colorado Springs or some other city in Colorado, renters can have their pick of neighborhoods, amenities and will definitely have more space and privacy than renting an apartment. Renters who search for lofts in Colorado definitely get more for their money. In addition to all the unique characteristics of each loft, renters can expect any loft they rent to have everything they need to live a lifestyle they will enjoy for the years to come.

If you have never lived in a loft before, you will be amazed at how comfortable it is to live in one. In fact, many renters who rent a loft never go back to renting a traditional apartment. Instead of living in an apartment with a boxed in layout, renters are choosing lofts because of their open floor plans and everything else that lofts have to offer. In addition to large windows, high ceilings and tons of extra space, many renters choose lofts because of their updated kitchens, bathrooms and modern fixtures.

Another unique attribute that people like about lofts is that most lofts have additional living space on another floor. For people who need the extra space, privacy and room to grow, renting a loft can be the perfect choice. In some ways, renting a loft is like owning a town home or home without all the responsibilities of home ownership. In addition, lofts are located in prime neighborhoods and lofts offer lots of extra privacy in comparison to traditional apartments.

If you are looking for a change, start your search today for a loft rental in Denver, Colorado Springs or some other city in Colorado on No matter what type of loft you are looking for or what price range you are looking for, has a wide variety of lofts listed in its Colorado loft rental section online. If you own a loft that you would like to rent, consider advertising it on Owners who advertise on maximize their exposure by reaching targeted renters searching for lofts to rent in Colorado.

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