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Renting a loft is opening yourself to an amazing space that no other type of apartment or townhouse can match. Loft living is a kind of lifestyle that is not for everyone, but many people love the open-ness and the airy feel of a loft.

The industrial feel thrives in loft spaces. In Indiana, you'll usually find most available loft rentals in Indianapolis. Like other cities, they have undergone a historic renovation of many downtown buildings, leaving some upper levels as perfect rental units.

Loft life says you love living in the “big city”, and you aren't afraid to enter what was not-so-long-ago an industrial, or at least commercial, area. Industrial buildings are hard to renovate at their core, to become more modern, like the city around them. But loft rentals utilize the space with mainly interior renovation, so that they keep that industrial feeling that loft-renters love.

When businesses started moving out of lofts years ago, landlords who owned the large buildings were at first at a loss as to how to replace that income. They found interest in the artists of the community, who used them as well-lit studios for their work. Originally, people were not legally allowed to live in their lofts, but many of them still did.

In the years that followed, apartments made in renovated loft space can be found nearly anywhere, but generally are situated in larger cities, where industry was once located. Lafayette, Indiana has lofts for rent in their downtown area. Wide open places are attractive to renters, and as long as the renovation was properly done, these apartments are not overly expensive for landlords to maintain.

The walls in loft apartments are not very evident at all, leaving a true open floor plan. Renters can place their furnishings anywhere they would like. Loft-lovers also love bringing the old world and the new world together. Plank wood floors, wall windows and old duct work running near the ceiling give the lofts their industrial feel.

Many Indiana renters want to live in the city, to be close to their workplaces, but they still want a lot of room. A loft gives you plenty of breathing room, but still a sense of privacy from the outside world. 14-foot ceilings are not unusual in industrial lofts, and some also have decks with wonderful views of the downtown areas.

If renters are looking for fine dining, great shopping, and being only a short walk from everything they need, Indiana lofts will be very appealing. The layouts and designs are unique, featuring original wooden beams, exposed brick and new sky lights.

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