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In the metropolitan cities of Kansas, many industrial buildings are available for a low purchase price. Contemporary real estate investors are taking advantage of the low cost of these buildings and are transforming them into modern and livable lofts that appeal to a variety of renters who are searching for an alternative to the traditional apartment or duplex. Kansas is home to five major cities that have populations over 100,000 residents. These cities include Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Topeka, and Olathe.

The five major cities listed present desirable locations for real estate investors in the state to invest in industrial buildings and convert them to modern lofts. Modern lofts can be designed by talented investors who have an eye for upgrading and embellishing current properties into posh and sophisticated living quarters. The investor also may consider hiring an architect to transform an industrial building into an innovative loft that can bring in a significant rental income for the investor.

Tenants in Kansas who are seeking an exceptional living accommodation that is different from the traditional apartment may discover that renting a loft is the solution to their living needs. Lofts are well-known for being upscale, elite, and offering beautiful interior designs with spacious floor plans. Many lofts are extremely spacious because they have been transformed into lofts from industrial buildings. These types of spacious floor plans appeal to renters who do not like feeling boxed up in small apartment units with many walls and close quarters.

Kansas is primarily an agricultural state and living in a loft can provide people with a cosmopolitan living space that is unique from the standard rental options in the state. In many cases, the locations of loft buildings are near downtown areas of the major cities and this typically provides close access to parking garages, cinemas, shopping centers, bistros, taverns, restaurants, and business plazas. Many people enjoy living in lofts because it is not uncommon to have a bakery, pub, and delicatessen right around the corner from a loft building.

More and more businesses are beginning to realize that opening small service businesses and cafes next to downtown lofts provide them with a steady stream of customers from the local tenants and residents. This makes business good for business owners and local services readily available to loft tenants who live in downtown areas. Convenience, space, and modern design are appealing features to loft renters. Close access to local restaurants, entertainment, and shopping centers make it easy for tenants to save on transportation costs on a regular basis.

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