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Nowadays, renting has never been more popular compared to buying. The sense of financial security and minimal risk it offers compared to the sometimes volatile mortgage market has made renting the new norm for everyone from families to retirees to young professionals. Loft rentals in particular have seen a dramatic surge in popularity in recent years. By combining the space and comfort of a house with the security of renting, lofts are a great deal for urban dwellers all across the country. In the state of North Dakota, prospective tenants will find plenty of fantastic deals on loft rentals all across the state's cities and metropolitan areas.

Loft rentals work well for urbanites and those with an affinity for city living. Although North Dakota is a predominantly rural state, it does possess a number of highly livable cities as well. Young professionals and recent college grads have used loft rentals as affordable and practical starter homes while families have found them to be viable alternatives to apartments, condos and traditional homeownership. Artists and creative freelancers have also found lofts to be ideal given their affordability and flexibility for multiple uses. Commuters from the suburbs are increasingly turning to urban lofts to cut their commutes dramatically without having to surrender the comforts of suburban life. Even property landlords have found loft rentals to be very lucrative given their strong demand and popularity across the country.

Loft rentals, typically found in cities, are industrial lofts and warehouses that have been converted for residential usage. They come in a wide array of lease terms and can be rented in both furnished and unfurnished options. Loft rental have achieved broad popularity thanks to their affordability, open space and flexibility. They offer convenient access to the downtown areas of many cities and offer far more space and amenities than apartments and condos. Overall, loft rentals are ideal for a wide range of people all across North Dakota.

The state is home to many livable, affordable cities well worth renting a loft in. Fargo, the state's largest city, offers an affordable cost of living and an abundance of amenities. The top sites of interest here include the Red River Zoo, the Fargo Air Museum and the Plains Art Museum. Bismarck is another great city that is home to the Dakota Zoo and the North Dakota Heritage Center while Grand Forks boasts a blend of cosmopolitan amenities alongside small town charm.

With its livable cities, low cost of living and wealth of loft rentals on the market, North Dakota is surprisingly among the top states in the country to rent a loft in.

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